Samsung Q2 pre-detail rumour mulch

The nice thing about rumour is that in a month or so we can look back and assess what we got right and what was utter codswallop.  Of course, we don't actually do that because a) we're on to fantasising about the next hot gadget, and b) we would have to say "oh, sorry, we got it wrong, there's no electronic sturgeon."  So let's enjoy the fanciful guesstimation while we can; Jenn over at Pocketables has gathered together a clutch of rumours about Samsung's Q2, including some details on that so-far-unconfirmed Intel processor.

Hints left over at the Origami Project suggest that it's based on the Centrino Pro using the Santa Rosa core.  I thought Santa Rosa was a type of festive wine, but apparently not.  Check out Jenn's site for more on the rumours...

Samsung Q1 secrets and rumors [Pocketables]