Samsung Q1 Ultra range

So we know what it's called, we know what it looks like, we were just waiting to know what was inside and how much we'd get charged for the pleasure of owning it.  Yes, Samsung's Q1 Ultra actually managed to summon up its very own microcosm of the original Origami hype, and now Engadget has spotted some helpful spec details and a hint at pricing [Edit: The Yahoo! article seems to have changed in the meantime; now they're saying that the $1,300 - $2,000 bracket is for the original Q1, and making no comment about the Q1 Ultra's price. Thanks to Jim for spotting this!]

For somewhere between $1,300 and $2,000 you get an 800MHz Intel processor, 1GB DDR2 memory and an external USB keyboard (no word on whether it's the same as the optional Q1 keyboard we reviewed back in September, but I'd be surprised if they changed it).  It also has HSDPA, WiBro, WiFi and Bluetooth, but the fingerprint scanner, dual-cameras and GPS are all supposed to be optional extras.Yahoo! News [via Engadget]