Samsung Q1Ultra - name confirmed and photo-op held

Amen for Steve!  Risking life, limb and camera the plucky pilot of the UMPCPortal squared up to pushy security guards to snap some photos of Samsung's latest UMPC, in the process confirming that it really is going to be called the Q1 Ultra.  Naming issues aside, the unit itself looks pretty gorgeous (though the original Q1 was no slouch in that department either) and seems to have some arching to the design that probably makes typing on the thumbboard easier.

Steve managed a single finger-press before being forcibly evicted from the stand; apparently it's a good keyboard, however, more tactile than the PepperPad 3.  I'm assuming he learnt that from the demo devices, rather than just a single press of one key!

UMPC Portal [via jkontherun]