Samsung puts plasma TV out of its misery: Death this year

Chris Davies - Jul 2, 2014, 10:53 am CDT
Samsung puts plasma TV out of its misery: Death this year

Lower the flags to half-mast: Samsung will stop producing plasma panels for TVs by the end of November, the company’s display arm has confirmed, as interest in the screen type dwindles in the face of LCD and OLED. The decision follows in the footsteps of Panasonic, which opted to cut its own plasma production in 2013.

According to Samsung SDI, the decision to opt out of future plasma development is “due to changes in market demands,” a spokesperson told CNET.

While plasma has long been prized for its impressive contrast ratios, and is still the darling technology of many TV and home theater enthusiasts, for manufacturers and most buyers it has dwindled in appeal. More expensive to produce than LCD panels, and presenting tech headaches in shifting to Ultra HD resolution, plasma’s shrinking market share seemed unlikely to turn around.

Instead, Samsung will now focus on 4K resolution and its curved TVs. Late last month, the company unveiled a new batch of both types, including dropping the cost of entry to curved set ownership.

Samsung SDI’s decision leaves LG Display as the sole company still producing plasma panels, though how long that will continue is unclear.


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