Samsung predicts record profit for Q1 2012

Chris Davies - Apr 6, 2012
Samsung predicts record profit for Q1 2012

Samsung‘s Q1 2012 earnings estimates are out, and the Korean company is expecting record numbers from its smartphone sales among other things. Overall sales of 45 trillion won ($39.8bn) are predicted, with operating profit of 5.8 trillion won ($5.13bn) for the three month period. However, we won’t know exact numbers until Samsung announces those imminently.

It’s been a good quarter for the Korean company, reaching the 5m Galaxy Note sales point and seeing strong demand for its Galaxy Nexus Googlephone. In Q4 2011, Samsung saw sales of 47.3 trillion won, higher than is estimated for Q1 2012, but lower operating profit on that, at 5.3 trillion won.

The road ahead doesn’t look too bad for Samsung’s bottom line either. The company is preparing to launch its Galaxy S III flagship smartphone sometime in Q2 2012, following in the cellular footsteps of two record-setting devices.

Meanwhile, despite the ongoing legal battles between Samsung and Apple, the Cupertino firm is still significantly reliant on the components produced by its foe. Samsung was tipped to be the only company that could supply new iPad displays in bulk and to the specifications Apple demanded in time for the tablet’s launch, and Apple also uses memory and processors its rival makes.

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