Samsung Plans for OLED Laptops by Year-End 2010

Samsung is a fan of OLED. We're seeing it more and more in their manufactured phones, and no one is arguing that it's the best way to view anything of any kind of importance. And now it looks like Samsung plans to see OLED in the next best thing: laptops. It's a great idea, and one that we hope to actually bear into fruition. Especially if it hits mainstream, so that way it doesn't hit everyone's wallets too much.

First and foremost, if OLED does get enveloped into the fold of laptop screens, then we would see an instant alteration to the current models. Thinner frames (shocking, we know), longer battery life, and of course lighter in weight than ever before. Speaking recently at an event that took place earlier in the week, Kyu Uhm, Head of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Samsung's Computing Division, said that the company would look to release towards the end of 2010. He went on further to add that Samsung is the largest OLED manufacturer in the world, and that when it becomes commercially available for laptop displays, Samsung will adopt it, probably sometime Q3 of next year.

The implications are numerous with this one, but all we can do is hope that OLED takes off with more companies than Samsung, so that the technology can be more viable for the market. Even as the TVs start to show up, we'll get closer to seeing an OLED revolution, and we couldn't be happier about it.

[via OLED-Display]