Samsung Pixon & LG KC910 Renoir 8MP head-to-head cameraphones

As cellphones encroach ever further into the domain of dedicated point-and-shoot cameras, the image performance they can deliver is becoming all the more important.  Samsung's recently announced Pixon is going head to head with LG's KC910 Renoir: both have 8-megapixel sensors, touchscreen interfaces, autofocus and a flash.  However not all cameraphones are created equal, and so have put together an image-quality comparison.

You won't find detailed browser, GUI or multimedia opinions here, just test shots from the two handsets taken in different environments.  Reviewer Dmitry Ryabinin uses the Pixon and the Renoir in outdoor, indoor, flash and macro settings, offering comparisons of the output of each.

In terms of mobile photography, the LG KC910 Renoir comes out ahead. Its Schneider-Kreuznach lens and xenon flash easily outclass the plastic lens and LED flash of the Pixon, and its active autofocus is better too. The Pixon fights back with an easier UI and faster response, but if you're prioritizing image quality then it looks like the LG is the handset for you.

[via BGR]