Samsung One UI 4.0 (Android 12) update release date range leaked

The date for the Samsung Galaxy One UI Beta program for One UI 4 was leaked this week. In what appears to have been an accidental posting, a Samsung official revealed that the Galaxy S21 series "One UI 4 Beta" was "coming soon!" It's expected now that users will find the Android 12 beta in the form of the One UI 4 beta at the tail end of September, or early October.

Per TizenHelp, word from an official Beta Operation Manager at Samsung in South Korea posted imagery for the near-future update for One UI 4.0 beta and Android 12 beta for Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21+, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. After the imagery was removed, the same manager clarified the situation, suggesting that "preparations are in progress with the Android 12 beta starting around September and October in the second half of 2021."

With regard to the quickly removed imagery showing the Beta for these devices, the same official said "we ask for your understanding that it is difficult to provide accurate information because the support plan or official information on the supported terminal has not been announced." The original image is shown below, via SamMobile after posting and removal.

The official was likely given the go-ahead to post the image for the Beta in advance of confirmation from developer officials at Samsung. This is a case of crossed lines – where while the development of the software will likely appear in late September, it's still a bit early to be showing promotional imagery for a Beta program as such. On the other hand, the cat is already out of the bag, so... cross your fingers that Samsung has their ducks in a row for said release worldwide.

It is extremely likely that the Samsung One UI 4 Beta program will start with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in South Korea, then expand to regions (with these same devices) in the days and weeks thereafter. It's also likely – based on precedent – that we'll see the Samsung One UI 4 Beta made available for the Samsung Galaxy S20 family by the end of October 2021. That's not absolutely guaranteed, but based on what we've seen Samsung accomplish in this regard in the past, a late October release of said Beta for the S20 line would not be surprising.