Samsung offers official statement on S6 Edge durability testing

Last week a video of the durability testing that SquareTrade does on smartphones hit the web showing the new Galaxy S6 Edge being tested. SquareTrade found that the S6 Edge bent at the same pressure that the Apple iPhone 6 Plus bent at leading to the bendgate saga when the iPhone 6 Plus first launched.

Samsung has now offered up an official statement on the durability testing. Samsung says that there are two things that need to be addressed with regards to the SquareTrade video that shows the S6 Edge bending at 110 pounds of pressure.

Samsung says that the 110 pounds of pressure on the device would rarely occur under normal circumstances. According to Samsung, the normal force when a person presses on the back pocket of their pants when carrying a smartphone there is 66 pounds.

Samsung says internal testing shows that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge won't bend even at 79 pounds of pressure. That pressure would be required to break a bundle of five pencils at one time. Samsung plans to ask SquareTrade to perform the stress tests again targeting the front and back sides and give the results to the public. Samsung also offered its own video of stress testing, which you can see below.

SOURCE: SamsungTomorrow