SquareTrade testing shows S6 Edge to be bendable as iPhone 6 Plus

Remember back when the iPhone 6 Plus first came out and some people who carried it in their pocket found that the smartphone could bend if you weren't careful. The bending smartphone turned into a huge deal and even garnered the name Bendgate. Samsung was so thrilled that its competitor was having issues that it even made an ad making fun of Apple.

Samsung may be regretting that fun poking at Apple's expense right now because new testing shows that the Samsung S6 Edge is just as bendable as that iPhone 6 Plus. What's even worse is that the S6 Edge was found to be more likely to crack under pressure.

The iPhone 6 Plus often bent, but continued to work normally. The S6 Edge bent at 110 pounds of pressure just as the iPhone 6 did. However, the screen cracked along the edge when the case bent. The S6 Edge in testing still worked when bent and with a cracked screen.

Further testing of the S5 Edge found that it completely broke apart at a pressure of 149 pounds. SquareTrade points out that this could be worse than Bendgate for Samsung fans because instead of a bent phone, Samsung users might end up with a pocket full of glass to boot.