Samsung NX100 mirrorless APS-C camera on sale now

Chris Davies - Sep 29, 2010
Samsung NX100 mirrorless APS-C camera on sale now

Samsung’s unusual NX100 camera – with its mirrorless APS-C sensor and 3-inch AMOLED display – has gone up for sale a little earlier than expected.  TigerDirect are offering the NX100 through Amazon Marketplace, priced at $599.99 and apparently in stock now.

We’d not expected the NX100 to arrive until sometime next month, and there are plenty of people who’ll be jumping at the chance to get in on the new Samsung a few days early.  It has a 14.6-megapixel sensor and ISO 100 to 3200 range, along with special i-function lenses that make adjusting exposure, shutter speed, aperture and other settings more straightforward.  No sign of the optional EVF, GPS dongle or flash at this stage, but we’d guess they’d drop when the Samsung NX100’s general availability takes hold next month.

[via OLED-Info]

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