Samsung Nexus Prime pictured clear as day

It's less than a week now from the final reveal of whatever Samsung has in store for us near the Autumn edition of CTIA, and would you look at that, someone's posted a photo of the next Google hero phone, clear as a bell. What's actually going on here is a cleaning up of the image we've all been staring at for about 19 hours now released by Samsung early this morning, one that showed off the next Samsung device amid signs that it'd be released at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011: Google Edition next week. This is one good looking device.

If you'll remember exactly what the Nexus S looks like (surely many of you still have one in your hands right this moment) you'll find that this design isn't all THAT FAR off from the last Google hero phone. That one was working with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, this new one, likely called something along the lines of Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime, is set, very possibly, to be running Android x.x Ice Cream Sandwich, a system that's set to combine both the tablet-based Android (Honeycomb) and the handset-based Android (Gingerbread.)

Have a look at the video source for this image below:

[vms ec039965f3c4923ce901]

Then have a look at a bigger version of the image here by clicking on the thumbnail – it's so very lovely!

The person who created this image (or made it more clear, however you want to see it, goes by the name Greyhaven7 on Reddit and fancies himself a graphic artist. I think so! Here's his take on it:

I believe that the screen's curve is much LESS extreme than Samsung's teaser video might lead us to believe. If you look closely, there is a light-gray bevel at the far ends (by the top and bottom of the phone) that the blue line heavily overlaps in the middle.

I've done my best with Photoshop to "undo" the overlay and clean up the background to reveal a better approximation of what the phone probably looks like under that glowing blue line.

Look like the hero for you? We'll be at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 Google Episode next week LIVE, so stick with us here on SlashGear for all the details and the greatest set of photos and hands-on videos you've ever seen in your freaking LIFE!

[via Reddit]