Samsung ND10 OS-free netbook is crying out for Android

Looking to save a little money on your next netbook, but still want a brand-name machine?  Not especially enamored with Windows XP, and prefer to use Linux or something else?  Then Samsung may have the answer, in the shape of the ND10.  Ostensibly identical to the well-thought-of Samsung NC10, the ND10 was recently spotted in China offering the same 10.2-inch, Intel Atom N270 hardware but with no OS and  $50 discount.

Nicole from Netbook News spotted the variant and shot the hands-on video below.  As far as they can tell, other than the fact that no software comes preloaded the machine is the same as the standard NC10, which means the great keyboard and potential for over seven hours runtime from the standard battery.

Really, it's just crying out for Moblin, Android or – in a few months time at least – Google Chrome OS, and while Samsung's upcoming Ion-packing range, the N510, N511 and N508, may refresh the hardware the ND10 is still a solid buy.  Sadly Samsung are unlikely to bring the ND10 over from China to the US or Europe.

[via Liliputing]