Samsung MV800 Point-and-Shoot Official [Video]

The folks at Samsung have revealed a whole slew of new items this week at IFA 2011, here a camera whose form factor they let us know has "literally flipped." You'll be working with Samsung's next step in their DualView line, this camera with a 16.2-megapixel rating and a pivoting 3-inch flip-out LCD touchscreen. You'll be glad this sort of ability didn't get lost with the past generation of similar pivoting screens here as this is the first real nice point-and-shoot to feature one in a LCD that's truly able to bring you a unique and portable experience.

The camera has a 5x optical zoom, a 26mm wide-angle lens, and lovely drag and scroll menu options for a fun and completely customizable experience. You'll be able to use a new Live Panorama function, complete with connections to 3D HDTV, you'll be looking at images and panoramic shots in-depth and with fabulous detail. You'll have access to Smart Filter giving you a menu of 14 artistic effects, Funny Face and Water Paint included.

Samsung's new MV800 POS will cost you a clean $279 when it's all said and done. Will the 26-130mm, f.3.3-5.9 lens give you all you want in a single camera? Or will you decide that you'd rather hit up the Android devices Samsung is pushing as a replacement for said single cameras? Interesting, isn't it, that they'd introduce a camera and a camera replacement on the same day. Have a look at the official intro video below: