Samsung Mobile Super Bowl tease “El Plato Supremo”

Chris Burns - Jan 31, 2013, 11:12am CST
Samsung Mobile Super Bowl tease “El Plato Supremo”

It’s time for Samsung to start with the teasers for the commercials for the Super Bowl this week with none other than “The Next Big Thing” campaign continuing on into 2013. This first teaser commercial for the final commercial (strange as that may seem) goes by the name “El Plato Supremo” and stars legal consultant Saul Goodman as well as comedic actors Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan. This team of misfits speaks about what they can and cannot say in the actual final commercial, resulting in “The Big Plate” replacing the Super Bowl.

This advertisement has been clearly outlined by Samsung Mobile as NOT being set to cover any new products, you may be interested to know. Samsung says in their official press release, and I quote, “[The advertisement] features the Galaxy family of products including the Galaxy Note™ II, Galaxy S® III and Galaxy Note™ 10.1.” It’s been worded in a way that could mean that there’s another ad coming later on for a new product, but makes it clear that the video you’re seeing today as well as the one you’ll be seeing later this week will show the three hero products Samsung has on the market already.

The extended 2-minute ad will be coming later this week and called “The Big Pinch.” The tenor of this advertisement line has been relatively constant as far as sarcasm goes, this ever since the first “The Next Big Thing” spots came out with the Samsung Galaxy S III and ongoing Galaxy Note lineup. While the first advertisements to take off in this series were the iPhone 5-related ads with Apple customers waiting in line for the release of said phone, the tag “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” continues through 2013.

Have a peek at the advertisement above and let us know if it’s enticing enough for you to take a guess at what Samsung has lined up for the rest of 2013. We’ll be heading to Mobile World Congress 2013 around the 23rd of February with much mobile excellence in mind – so stay tuned!

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