Samsung MediaLive coming October 15th

Chris Davies - Sep 23, 2008

Samsung’s MediaLive HDTV Media Center Extender has finally got a shipping date: October 15th.  The compact box is intended to bridge the divide between your Vista Media Center and your Samsung HDTV; it basically straps to the back of the set and brings the Vista interface into your living room, streaming content either via WiFi draft-n or cabled ethernet. 

The date comes courtesy of Amazon, who have put the digital adapter up for pre-order and confirmed the expected availability.  You’ll not only need a reasonably fast wireless network (assuming you want to go wire-free, that is), however; you’ll also need a relatively new Samsung HDTV, which supports the HDMI-CEC standard.

One set up, you can stream content from your PC – live or pre-recorded – as well as access YouTube and other online videos.  It’s also compatible with MSN Internet TV, Vongo, Amazon Unbox and Netflix.  The MediaLive Extender is priced at $199.99.

[via EngadgetHD]

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