Samsung Looks to Exit the Dual-Format Market

While LG is still sticking to support HD-DVD with combo player, Samsung has decided to abandon its second generation Dual-Format Blu-Ray and HD-DVD combo player. The BD-UP5500 was announced in CES 2008 and scheduled to release around the second-half of 2008 to replace the BD-UP-5000.

"[A hybrid player] remains a practical solution, but the window of opportunity is smaller than it was before," said the company at electronisa today. They have not made any decision to pull the first-run combo player of the shelves. But If I were the owner of the hybrid, I would dump one as soon as possible. Dual-Format support is twice as erratic and inconsistent than a typical standalone player with sole HD or Blu-ray support due to the complication of interactive menu from hi-def media; It's only matter of time before Samsung giving up future supports on BD-UP5000, entirely.