LG Last Effort To Clean Up Its Dual-Format Player

LG not like Samsung, will carry its rule to support HD-DVD with dual-format player despite Toshiba has decided to cease the HD-DVD business. They have, however, made no further announcement if the next LG would include HD-DVD capability.

According to highdefdigest, the company says "at this present moment in time, it is necessary to provide a player which supports both formats and therefore create simplicity and convenience for the existing HDDVD consumer." and they aren't ruling out HD-DVD immediately as "there are still a number of consumers who have chosen HDDVD and begun to build a HDDVD collection." The comment about accommodate early adopters is touching, but I believe they just can't get over loses of current production, making last effort to clean out the casualties of Format War. One advice for LG, pimps them out cheap while you can. The future is Blu, not dual.