Samsung Level Active aims at Jaybird

When it comes to earbuds for the active folks out there one of the most popular names is Jaybird. Samsung wants in on the market that Jaybird plays in and to grab some of that market Samsung has a new product in the works according to rumors and Bluetooth SIG. The name of the device is Samsung Level Active and Bluetooth SIG lists the model number as EO-BG930.

The Level Active earphones have also crossed the FCC to get the certifications needed to come to market. With all the certifications granted, the launch of the new wireless earbuds can't be far off. Unfortunately, since there isn't official information on the Level Active right now, we don't know what sort of features will be offered.

Presumably, the wireless earbuds will work with any Bluetooth device and will have a sweatproof and somewhat rugged design. Earbuds that aren't sweat proof won't last long with active users who want music while they workout. Samsung's main competitor in this segment, Jaybird, launched a new set of earbuds late last month called the Jaybird Freedom.

The Freedom earbuds are the fifth generation of audio gear from the maker and puts all the electronics into a three-button controller on the cable of the earbuds. Jaybird promises four hours of use per charge and another four hours of listening when connected to the charging clip. The earbuds have an over/under secure ear fit system with silicone ear fins to keep them in place during heavy activity. Those Jaybird Freedom earbuds are available in Best Buy locations for $199.95 in black, gold, red, or blue colors.

SOURCE: Sammobile