Samsung joins Linux Foundation board with major investment

This week Samsung is announcing that they will be joining the six other companies currently on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors with a major investment bringing them up to a Platinum membership with the group. This announcement will help Samsung to push its commitment to Linux software to the next level and will, as they say, "help sustain its global leadership position."

The executive director at The Linus Foundation Jim Zemlin spoke this week about the announcement before it was made public saying how glad he was to be welcoming Samsung into the fold. Having been part of the Linux community for some Time, Samsung will be taking a larger role now in deciding its fate.

"By becoming a leader among its peers in Linux and open source software, Samsung Electronics is clearly raising the bar for innovation once again. The company's commitment to Linux and investment in its development firmly plants it in a position to continue its achievements in the mobile, embedded and consumer electronics markets. This is a strategic business decision that will result in advancing Samsung Electronics' success and accelerating Linux development work." – Zemlin

The Platinum membership that Samsung now holds is the highest membership any group can hold, it including, again, a spot on the Board of Directors. Have a peek at this video to see in a very basic way how Linux works and what it means for you in your everyday technologically advanced life.