Samsung GEAR hinted as upcoming smartwatch name in trademark filings

On May 19, Samsung confirmed that it is working on a smartwatch, something it has been doing for quite some time, according to Executive Vice President Lee Young Hee. We've seen various mockups and artists renderings of what the smartwatch might look like, but thus far its design is unknown. The name, however, may have just surfaced in a trademark filing: the Samsung GEAR.

The trademark filing was found by the folks at Phandroid, and we've had a look through both of them. There's a large description of the device that talks of software and many terms vague enough to leave the device in question open to interpretation. One of the couple filings, however, go on to specify things like "wrist watch" and "bracelet," strongly indicating that GEAR is a smartwatch.

Under "Identification", amidst such keywords as Clocks, Watchbands, and Wristwatches, we see a description talking about "watches that communicate data to personal digital assistants, smart phones, table PCs, PDA, and personal computers through internet websites and other computer and electronic communications networks; watchbands that communicate data to [the same aforementioned devices]."

Back when Mr. Lee confirmed the rumors that Samsung is working on a smartwatch, he said, "We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them." Whether the GEAR will be a companion type of wearable device to complement one's smartphone, or as a more robust offering, isn't indicated by the documents.

This comes a day after a patent filing surfaced hinting at a future smartwatch in the work from Qualcomm called TOQ. It is anticipated that the watch will be a vendor-only deal to showcase the company's hardware rather than a consumer offering, but that is yet to be seen. In following in line with these bits of speculation is a leak that surfaced indicating the the Pebble smartwatch will be sold at Best Buy stores this month.

SOURCE: Phandroid