Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3 leaked with custom skulls, diamonds, and rubies

Customized "Skull Collection" versions of two Samsung devices were leaked today by the folks at Caviar Royal Gift. Caviar has done this sort of thing in the past – revealed devices that've not yet been entirely confirmed by the brands that make the devices. As such, this reveal doesn't exactly confirm anything we didn't see in previous leaks of the devices – but we DO get to see the devices looking exceedingly real, and really customized, with some very, very expensive materials.

Caviar revealed the "Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3" and the "Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3" in a "Skull Collection" this week. The Fold3 device appears in a design called "Ragnarok." This custom version of the device is set with "blackened titanium", and black "composite materials". There's a skull at the back made with polished titanium with ruby eyes, and fire made with scarlet jewelry enamel.

The design on the Fold3 effectively covers the back of the device, surrounding the camera array. The relative lack of custom elements through the rest of the device gives us some idea of the importance Caviar places on the delicate folding tech included with the folding display. Only the most basic bit is changed.

This Ragnarok device will have a maximum edition size of 99. For one of these custom devices, users will pay approximately $10,770 USD.

Oddly the otherwise lower-cost Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 appears with Caviar with such extreme customization that it costs four times the amount of the Fold. This device will be made in a maximum edition of 20, and the price will be approximately $46,460 USD.

With this "Catrina Calavera" customization of the Galaxy Fold3, two sections of the phone are modified. A block at the back of the top and a block at the back of the bottom are topped with tempered titanium, 18K gold inlays, and a whole bunch of gemstones.

• Sapphires: 125x (1.5mm), 3x (2mm)

• Ruby: 130x (1.5mm), 2x (2mm)

• Emeralds: 145x (1.5mm)

• Diamonds: 14 (2mm)

The skull at the bottom/back of the device is hand-painted with black jewelry enamel. The "flowers" at the top and bottom are "made from a durable and lightweight composite material", and the majority of the back is laser engraved with wild designs. Sound like the sort of action you'd be willing to pay for?