Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 leaks, ready for 2021

A few images were shared this week that show a device called Galaxy Watch Active 4. If the rumored device ends up being made, revealed, and released by Samsung, it'll likely be the first of the smartwatches released after the public announcement of Google and Samsung's teaming up for smartwatch / wearables software. This device will likely look very similar to the images we're seeing here – maybe a few tones brighter or darker, but similar.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 is part of an "active" line of devices that, despite the name, aren't particularly rugged. They'll likely retain the water and dust resistance of their predecessors, but getting smacked with a rock won't go well. Instead, the name "active" indicates the intended uses for the device – in the sports tracking and exercise arena.

Per the details shared this week by the leaker of the images, this device will be released in four colors. We're looking at black, silver, gold, and green – pretty standard. It would not be a shock to see additional color options soon after launch. This device had its features leaked earlier this year.

It's expected that this watch will be released in two sizes, one 40mm, the other 44mm. Both versions of the watch will likely have essentially the same set of shapes and design cues. We're expecting the watch bands to match the watch, and that the watch bands will be replaceable.

Take a peek at the timeline below to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in the past – and don't be shocked to find the newest member of the bunch looking, feeling, and acting similar to the versions that've come in the past. And be sure to drop in on the Google Wear OS and Tizen tie-up that'll likely be at the heart of this new smartwatch release.