Galaxy Watch 3 update adds SmartThings Find App

Samsung has launched a new firmware update for the Galaxy Watch 3. The update adds the SmartThings Find app to the wearable that helps users to find a lost smartwatch. The update also adds some other notable fitness features fans will appreciate.

Users are now able to perform multiple home workouts using many fitness programs, including some video sessions. The update also brings a feature that users of the Apple Watch 6 have had for a while. Samsung has made the Hand Washer app part of the watch itself. That app has been popular during the pandemic as people seek to wash their hands for long enough to help prevent infection. After downloading the update, the Hand Wash app will automatically detect when users begin washing their hands and time the washing.

Updates to the Samsung Health app have been implemented, allowing users to perform group-walking challenges with friends and family. Galaxy Watch 3 users will also find that the auto-detect time for workout modes has been reduced, making the wearable respond faster when users begin exercising. Samsung improved the autodetection speed for running, elliptical, and rowing machine use.

The update is 74.02 MB and is firmware version R840XXU1BUA8. The update also brings improved system reliability and stability by eliminating minor bugs enhancing the overall performance. Samsung's update is available to download now in the US, India, and South Korea.

Owners of the wearable can download the update now from the Galaxy Wearable app. The Galaxy Watch 3 has been a popular device for Android users and is available in multiple colors and styles. The basic model costs $399.99, while the Titanium version is $599.99. The basic Watch 3 is available in 41-millimeter or 45-millimeter styles.