Samsung Galaxy Tab price is £599.99 tip retail insiders

Chris Davies - Oct 4, 2010
Samsung Galaxy Tab price is £599.99 tip retail insiders

The RRP for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab remains one of the lasting unknowns about the upcoming Froyo tablet, but some loose lips at DSG Group may have spilled the beans.  The company behind UK retailers Currys, Dixons and PC World has told Pocket-lint that the SIM-free, off-contract price for the Galaxy Tab will be £599.99 ($950).

That’s £70 more than a 16GB iPad 3G in the UK, as well as being the current price that Amazon UK are offering for preorder customers.  Amazon, though, list the RRP at £799.99.  Late last week, Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Tab would be arriving in the UK from November 1st, but would only say that the 7-inch slate would be available in a variety of deals including unlocked and carrier subsidized.

It now remains to be seen exactly what sort of subsidies are on offer, and which UK carriers will be getting on board.  Either way, it seems like you’ll need deep pockets in more senses than one.

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