Samsung Galaxy Tab gets Amazon price cut

Chris Davies - Oct 20, 2010, 5:11am CDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab gets Amazon price cut

Someone in Amazon UK’s pricing department has apparently woken up and noticed that Carphone Warehouse were undercutting them on the unlocked, SIM-free Samsung Galaxy Tab, and has adjusted their pricing accordingly.  The retailer had previously been asking £599.99 for the 7-inch Froyo slate, but pre-orders are now down to £529.99 just like their rival.

That’s a full 34-percent less than what Amazon claims is Samsung’s official £799.99 RRP for the Galaxy Tab, though given we’ll never likely see the slate retailing for that figure it’s a moot point.  Shipments are expected to begin on November 1 2010 in the UK; more on the Galaxy Tab in the video below.

[vms 99fe63f3e0041f02638a]

[via Android Community]

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