£529.99 Samsung Galaxy Tab hits Carphone Warehouse pre-order

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UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has started accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, ahead of the 7-inch Froyo tablet's debut on November 1 2010.  Currently two options are available, either the Tab alone, SIM-free and unlocked, for £529.99, or paired with a data contract on a 30-day rolling agreement.

That agreement bundles 1GB of data per month for £10, and can be ended with a month's notice.  In return, the Galaxy Tab is yours for a slightly less painful £499.99.  It's worth noting that Amazon UK are still currently listing the Samsung slate for a whopping £599.99, a figure they say is already a £200 discount from the supposed £799.99 RRP.

Samsung, meanwhile, maintains it has not yet announced official pricing, only the UK release date, but either way this isn't a cheap tablet.  It remains to be seen what sort of carrier deals the UK operators decide to offer.

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