Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ expands with UWB tracking

Today Samsung revealed their Galaxy SmartTag series, with Bluetooth for the standard version and UWB tracking with the Galaxy SmartTag+. Each Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will be able to be viewed in an app on your smartphone, tracked in real time, and pinged at a moment's notice with UWB (with the SmartTag+) or with the last known location using Bluetooth (with the standard SmartTag).

Samsung gave examples of the places where a user might place a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, including attached to the collar of a dog, attached to a TV remote, in a wallet, and connected to a set of keys. All of these will be able to be tracked using the Samsung SmartThings Find platform – which already works between Samsung devices like tablets and smartphones.

Samsung suggested that the battery that powers the Galaxy SmartTag will last months at a time. Each Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will be able to ring with a built-in speaker. Each Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has a nearby range of 120m, working with Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with smart devices of all sorts.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ (or SmartTag Plus) will have UWB tech for both spatial and directional tracking. With the SmartTag+, users will be able to use UWB and AR Finder on a Samsung phone to pinpoint the location of the tracker – easy.

With the SmartThings Find app, you'll be able to pinpoint the last known location of any Galaxy SmartTag with a map. Users can also employ the "Galaxy Find Network" using "scanned data to find it for you privately."

The basic Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will have a price of approximately $29.99 USD. The release date for Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is January 29, 2021. We'll see additional editions, colors, and add-ons in the near future.

The Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21+, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will all have a free SmartTag in their preorder bundle if ordered directly from Samsung. There'll also be bundles of multiple SmartTags in the future.