Samsung Galaxy S9 Given Hearty Amazon Discount On Note 9 Release Day

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Just as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released today, Samsung seemed to put the Galaxy S9 on sale on Amazon. The price, as of some point in the last few hours today, was dropped from a standard $719.99 down to $619.99 – with free shipping so long as you're using Amazon Prime. What's more, there's a bit of a discount on the Galaxy S8, making it several hundred dollars cheaper than today's new Note 9. Why would Samsung do such a thing?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released today for a price of one THOUSAND dollars a pop. If you're feeling like you'd rather jump in on basically any other Samsung phone instead, you're probably thinking that at the perfect time. If you head in to the

target="_blank">Amazon page for the Galaxy S9 in Midnight Black, you'll find the device temporarily discounted from around $720 to closer to $620. That's entirely off-contract and unlocked.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in Midnight Black was also given a discount at some point today, also by right around one hundred bucks. That brings the price of the Galaxy S9 Plus (aka basically the Note 9 without an S Pen) down from $840 to $738 USD. Take that extra $262 and take your best buddy out for dinner, at least a couple times!

Or if you're feeling nostalgic, Samsung also put the Galaxy S8 and S8+ up for sale – by a significant amount – this afternoon, too. Instead of spending ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS on a Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is basically saying here, look, how about a

target="_blank">Galaxy S8 Plus on Amazon for $565 USD instead. That's $435 difference in price.

If you need further inspiration for avoiding paying TEN TIMES ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a phone, have a peek at our feature from earlier today listing 10 reasons. That's 10 reasons to skip the Galaxy Note 9, delivered to your eyeballs, right now, just one tap away. Behold the power of listicles.

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