Galaxy Note 7 may lead Samsung’s biggest update wave ever

Chris Burns - Nov 13, 2018, 5:36 pm CST
Galaxy Note 7 may lead Samsung’s biggest update wave ever

A set of Wi-fi certifications released today opened the possibility that Samsung will have their biggest Android update release ever, likely next spring. The certifications come from the official USA-based Wi-Fi Alliance webpage, including certifications for a wide variety of top-tier Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It’d be a big bang of updates if Samsung’s actions follow those of their past several years of Wi-Fi certifications (turned real updates for end users).

The updates in the Wi-Fi Alliance listing list all the following Samsung devices, all at once. Given what we’ve heard directly from Samsung in the past, the Android 9 Pie update will begin in Beta form for the public on November 15th, while the real full update will come in January. If even a few of these devices also come correct with Android 9 Pie at that time, it’d be a real surprise for owners of said devices.

Wi-Fi Certified with Android 9.0 Pie
• Samsung Galaxy S9
• Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
• Samsung Galaxy S8
• Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
• Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition
• Samsung Galaxy Note 8
• Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Why would Samsung update more than just a couple of its most recent releases to Android 9 Pie? It all comes down to their latest software initiative: One UI. We’ve got precious little info on the One UI rollout for any device other than the Galaxy S9 – but we know it’s coming!

As we’ve been reminded today by the folks at SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 got Oreo Wi-Fi certification about a month after the Galaxy S8 got its official Oreo update – then you know what happened next!

Have a peek at our feature Samsung One UI previews Galaxy S10 experience to learn all about what Samsung has in store for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and beyond. Also keep it tuned to our Android hub (SlashGear dot com slash Android) to get all the Android updates you’ll be able to handle.

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