Samsung Galaxy S7 back isn’t flat, and neither is the camera

JC Torres - Feb 2, 2016, 2:30am CST
Samsung Galaxy S7 back isn’t flat, and neither is the camera

Samsung has already confirmed that it will have an Unpacked event on the 21st of February, which we take to mean an unveiling of the Galaxy S7, among other things. So there’s really nothing else to do but wait. Or while the time with even more leaks and rumors. The Galaxy S7, to be honest, has all but been leaked to death, but finer details are still cropping up here and there. Take for example this latest schematic showing off the smartphone’s non-flat rear, both in terms of design and in terms of the camera hump.

Earlier tips have mentioned that, in terms of design, the Galaxy S7 will not differ much from its predecessor. Well, except for one minor detail. The flagship will supposedly have a back that curves at the edges, similar to the Galaxy Note 5. And yet again, there will be one minor difference between the two as well. Based this latest leaked image, the Galaxy S7’s back will also be curved at the top, and presumably bottom, edges as well, where as the Galaxy Note 5’s curves are only on the left and right sides.

The images also reveal another, and probably disappointing, detail. There is still a camera bump. A recent insider tip claims that Samsung intentionally opted for a sensor with a lower megapixel count partly to decrease the size of the sensor and reduce the hump that has plagued smartphones for a few years now. To be fair, the hump does appear to have been reduced, but those hoping for a smooth, flat back will be dismayed. Perhaps it is something we’ll have to learn to live with from now on.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is not expected to deviate much from Samsung’s tried and tested features and design, which is not unusual for the S series. Look to the Note line for big changes, instead. The most interesting points for the smartphone will be its Snapdragon 820 variant, one of the first to reach the market, the possibility of a microSD card slot, a camera sensor with a lower megapixel count, and, of course, the larger Edge model.

VIA: OnLeaks

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