Samsung employee spills beans on juicy Galaxy S7 info

JC Torres - Jan 25, 2016, 7:30am CST
Samsung employee spills beans on juicy Galaxy S7 info

Getting information from “sources close to the matter” or “familiar with the product” isn’t an exact science. Rarely do such sources have the courage, or maybe audacity, to identify themselves as a company employee – a Samsung employee in this case. Of course, there is no conceivable way of confirming that, so take it for what it is. That said, given what some of the information about the Samsung Galaxy S7 shared here entails, we are certainly hoping that at least some, if not all, of them turn out to be as advertised.

For one, Samsung will apparently be bringing back some of the features in the Galaxy S5 that were lost in its successor. Not only will the Galaxy S7 be water and dust proof, it will also have expandable memory. Samsung will apparently pull this off with a hybrid dual SIM card tray similar to what some Chinese OEMs have already been using since last year. These trays let users choose between having either one SIM and one microSD card or two SIM cards instead. Sadly, removable batteries will still be absent. The compromise? I supposedly higher battery pack.

Samsung will also be downgrading the megapixel count of its rear camera. Instead of 16 megapixels like on the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S7 will only have 12 megapixels. Not to worry though, as that camera will come with a larger aperture, around f/1.7, and a better quality sensor. It will also a dual pixel auto focus like some DSLRs. Apparently the change was to shift the focus from megapixel count to other factors as well. Apple fans might be familiar with this tune already. A side effect of the? The odd, sometimes annoying, camera hump at the back will supposedly be gone. At least for now.

Finally, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge won’t have the same sizes this time around. The nominal flagship will measure 5.1 inches on the screen’s diagonal as before but the curved edge version will go with 5.5 inches this time. If true, that would be an odd decision as it puts the Galaxy S7 edge in an odd middle ground between the Galaxy S7 and an “edge+” variant. Presuming one would still be coming, of course.

Then again, all most all of these are based on the word of an unverified Samsung employee and some of it sounds too good to be true. Android and Samsung fans, however, probably wish it were indeed true.

VIA: phoneArena

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