Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 256GB removes another hindrance

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE) 5G was released with a newly sizeable allowance of internal stoage. This smartphone is a version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 that'll deliver the basics of the Galaxy S20 without the top-tier features that make the non-FE version cost more. The Galaxy S20 FE 5G with 256GB internal storage, for example, will cost users approximately $320, or "$13.34 a month with eligible trade-in value up to $450" via Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is an interesting piece of work. Given Samsung's propensity to release as many smartphones in as many sizes and with as many different sets of features as possible, the existence of this phone isn't a surprise. It's the positioning of the device in our minds that's important.

Here in the year 2020, the differences between new smartphones are wildly varied. The number of ways we use said smartphones are quite limited by comparison. The differences between a Galaxy S20 FE and a Galaxy S20 are far fewer than the price difference they present.

If you'll take a peek at our Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review, you'll find that the device delivers a surprising bit of value. The only unfortunate parts of the package are the plastic body (which might also be a PRO, depending on your expectations), and the low light camera performance. Otherwise it's got a great bit of camera action for all other instances, a fabulous 120Hz display, and solid battery life and performance.

The biggest competitors for this smartphone are last year's iPhone 11 and the OnePlus 8T. If you're looking for a device with this exact set of specifications and the Samsung brand, now's the time to strike. If you don't mind considering other brands, there are a whole BUNCH of brands that are ready and willing to take the throne.