Galaxy S10: These details beat iPhone X, or all is lost

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series appeared in a video created by CC, in three parts, showing the possibilities from front to back. These devices, if they look like this and act like this, won't allow other brands any breathing room. If the Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones – three phones – look like this, Samsung won't have need for any other phones the rest of the year.

Samsung in releasing the Galaxy S10 series will likely take on three tiers. Where before they launched with one "S" phone, they moved up to two with a "Plus", now they'll roll with three. The third option will be the premium option – that one above all others, priced above all others because it has specs above all others. Samsung isn't messing around, basically.

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 there'll be some competition in-house – they've already got a super-premium smartphone after all, it's galled Galaxy Note. But the Galaxy Note 9 has an S Pen and these Galaxy S10 devices won't. That'll be basically the only point of difference between these and that. It'll be enough to differentiate for the hardcore fans of the Note, of that you can be sure.

The Galaxy S10 will not hold back in any one respect. This is the dawn of a new era. One in which Samsung does not attempt to match Apple, but to use all its efforts to shame its opponent with relentless use of the most fabulous tech available. As John Hammond once said, several times, this experience will be "spared no expense."

Below you'll find another concept video. This video comes from the slightly lesser-known Waqar Khan. He's got a different idea of what this trio will look like, complete with color, thri-lens setups, and a few names.

If what Samsung delivered with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 remains true in the Galaxy S10, we'll have at least one crazy color combo to roll with. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a blue/yellow combo and S Pens are interchangeable – supposing you're willing to buy another S Pen or two. There's no stopping Samsung in 2019.

Imagine pulling out all the stops for the most premium of models – somewhat like what Apple did with the Apple Watch Edition. Higher-quality metals, color combinations, and glass. Imagine a sapphire glass that cannot be broken – at least, not very easily.

That'd make using a smartphone case far less necessary, allowing the end user to enjoy the subtle details of the Galaxy S10 in all their splendor. For over $1k, the next logical place for smartphones of this caliber to go, I'd certainly hope we're getting to a place where unbreakable is the standard. Cross your fingers and count to ten.

We're expecting that the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy X will be revealed either at CES 2019 (unlikely) or at MWC 2019 (far more likely). If one or both of these devices (and device sets) come in 2019 at MWC, they'll probably debut on February 24th, 2019.

The Galaxy S10 will likely go on pre-order in the week after that, and the Galaxy S10 in all three iterations will likely be out in stores by early March. Let's say March 15th, 2019 – mark your calendars.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more clues on where Samsung is going in the first half of the year 2019. And stick around as we explore the possibilities in a folding display for Samsung Galaxy X. That's also inevitable, for real.