Samsung Galaxy S III vs Galaxy Note hands-on

This week at CTIA 2012 we caught up with Ryan Bidan, Director of Product Marketing for Samsung Mobile, who was glad to provide us with a hands-on comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note, two titans for the modern Samsung smartphone line. What you're about to see is that in addition to the obvious differences between the two like the screen size and the fact that the Galaxy Note has a pen, the Galaxy S III provides its own set of wholly unique elements that the Galaxy Note does not yet have access to. Have a peek here and see if it's time to pick up the Note or if you'll be better off waiting for the next-generation Galaxy smartphone.

The first of two hands-on looks we've got here starts with both devices in-hand and Bidan going through what they're both made of. You'll find that not only are the software and innards of these devices really different, they've got completely different casing color schemes as well. It's the tiny details that matter, wouldn't you say?

Next you'll get what works as a fabulous look at what it means to work with the Samsung Galaxy S III, a device that effectively takes the king position in Samsung Mobile's portfolio of hero devices. This smartphone provides not just a superior vision for hardware materials, as Bidan will show, it brings a new look at Android as well. This device works with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung's newest vision for TouchWiz, their own look at the Android software here in its newest and most powerful iteration.

Have a peek below at the rest of the hands-on looks we've gotten with the Galaxy S III as well as our reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Note as well. Let us know which of these two you plan on working with through the future – or if you're not a Samsung fan, which device you choose instead!