Samsung Galaxy S II 1080p 30Mbit/s video hack released

Remember the Samsung Galaxy S II hack we told you about yesterday that allowed for 1080p 24Mbit/s video recording on the Android smartphone? As we hoped, it's spawned a new package for GSII owners wanting to boost video quality, with original dev hyperX working with xda-developers' Potatoman (who had already released an audio quality tweak for the phone) on a way to persuade the Samsung to record up to 30Mbit/s Super Fine 1080p HD at 30fps with 48Khz/192kbps audio.

Other options include a 17Mbit "normal" 1080p mode and a 24Mbit "fine" 1080p mode, while 720p can be shot in 9Mbit "normal", 13Mbit "fine" or 17Mbit "super fine" modes. All have the same high-quality audio, though there's a second version which removes the sound effects in the app too.

Opinions differ as to whether anything over 17Mbps produces a noticeable difference in final video quality, but at least now you can judge that for yourself. Potatoman and hyperX say they'll be working together on other GSII mods in future, and we're excited to see what the pair come up with.