Samsung GALAXY S 4 ROM CyanogenMod 10.1 spreads to T-Mobile variant

This week the folks at famed hack CyanogenMod have pushed their customized Android system over to the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung GALAXY S 4. This comes after some controversy over the idea that the team would cease working with Samsung devices after finding difficulty with Samsung's Exynos processor software and builds earlier this year. As the AT&T version of the software was shown to be working earlier this month, now so too do we see the T-Mobile variant active.

CyanogenMod 10.1 is the version being pushed to the newest Android devices on the block, this bringing a variant of Google's Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean along with its software features such as Google Now. The CyanogenMod team of developers works to bring a customized system to devices that are rooted, this meaning they're hacked and able to be modified by 3rd party systems. Android has been notoriously "hackable" since inception, this part of Google's open source intentions with the mobile software.

The software included in the CyanogenMod build has been influential to many software builds since it first arrived on the scene several years ago, including Google's own source build. CyanogenMod developers have also been incepted into hardware and software companies across the board in the past several years, their influence seen on devices of all types. Head CyanogenMod man Steve Kondik recently left a job at Samsung, continuing to pursue 3rd party work and the development of the ROM.

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is either available at or is headed to each of the major mobile retailers in the United States and is making its spread abroad here in the Spring of 2013. This device joins the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the rest of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets family as the brand continues to strengthen with a common "nature" theme in both hardware and software – curved edges have served Samsung well enough that the wave will move forward through the year to the next release as well, without a doubt. Expect the Samsung Galaxy Note III sooner than later!