Samsung GALAXY S 4 innards spilled in iFixit teardown

Craig Lloyd - Apr 26, 2013, 2:24 pm CDT
Samsung GALAXY S 4 innards spilled in iFixit teardown

We’ve already seen a couple of teardowns of Samsung’s new GALAXY S 4, but that didn’t stop the folks at iFixit from dissecting the phone either. What they find on the inside isn’t too surprising: some plastic, some silicon, and a bit of electronics. However, the teardown reveals that Samsung made the GALAXY S 4 an easy repair.

The outside isn’t too different from the Galaxy S III, so we’re certainly curious as to what changed on the inside. The back cover pops off easily, allowing you to replace the battery with ease. Further done, though, are the main guys of the phone, which are separated with 11 screws that come right off.

The only real part that takes some difficulty is the display, which is glued into the frame, and the glass and LCD are fused together. Other than that, all of the internal components are modular, which means they can be replaced individually rather than having to replace the entire unit if one thing breaks.

iFixit gave the GALAXY S 4 a repairability score of 8 out of 10, which is pretty good for a flagship handset these days. They did note that while most of the parts are modular, they’re glued in place, which means you’ll need some tools in order to dig them out, but the only real concern with the phone was the fused-in display, which requires a complete disassembly to replace.

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