Samsung GALAXY S 4 Experience Pillar 4: Health and Wellness

Chris Burns - Mar 14, 2013, 6:46pm CDT
Samsung GALAXY S 4 Experience Pillar 4: Health and Wellness

As the fourth and perhaps most innovative pillar of the collection here with the Samsung GALAXY S 4, the “Health and Wellness” category introduces a brand new app: S-Health. The app ecosystem known as S Health has been introduced with the Samsung GALAXY S 4 with the ability to keep track, monitor, and provide information on your health activity. This app works with the sensors on the smartphone to show you pedometer information – how fast you’ve walked, where you’ve walked, and how long you’ve walked.

S-Health also shows you information on your environment – humidity and temperature – tracking these elements over time. You can also track your dietary habits – though in that case you’ll have to tell the device what you’re actually eating and drinking. That information can be tracked over time and, “based on a database,” you’ll have caloric consumption information.

You’ll have Adapt Sound and Adapt Display prepared for understand the type of content you’re consuming and will adapt speakers and display based on that content. Reading text will have the device “maximize the viewing experience”, making the display most comfortable for your eyes.


A set of accessories is also being introduced by the company with the S-Band, for starters, and a body scale and heart monitor to round out the collection. We’ll have a full hands-on look at these lovely bits and pieces for you sooner than later. Stick to the GALAXY S 4 tag portal for more!


Meanwhile you’ll want to head to the timeline below to see the full set of hands-on and news blast articles posted during the big Samsung GALAXY S 4 reveal event without a doubt. There you’ll see the device itself, full specifications included, as well as the rest of the full four pillars Samsung has presented for the device as an ideal new-world user experience for you!

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