Samsung Galaxy Round gets hands-on treatment

One of the more interesting smartphones to debut from Samsung in recent months is its Galaxy Round featuring a curved screen. The smartphone is curved from left to right and is currently available only in Korea. The smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, and other than being slightly curved is very similar to the Galaxy Note 3.

The smartphone has turned up in a hands-on video giving us a closer look at some of the features of the device. The smartphone does have a microSD card slot under the back panel that hides underneath the battery. The battery itself is smaller than the one you find inside the Galaxy Note 3 with 10.64 Wh of juice inside rather than the 12.16 Wh battery the Note 3 uses.

The full HD resolution curved AMOLED screen is 5.7 inches and it's curved design makes the phone easy to hold in a single hand according to the person who got to play with it. The device runs Android 4.3 and reportedly has only one application that takes advantage of its unique curved design. That application is called the Roll Effect notification display.

This feature allows users to see the time, date, number of missed calls, number of unread messages, and the charge level of the battery by holding down one side of the phone, thereby rolling one side of the phone up in the air. Indications are that the release of the Galaxy Round in Korea only is giving Samsung the chance to investigate additional uses for the curved screen device.

SOURCE: Engadget