Samsung Galaxy Note II press event scheduled for October 24th

It's time once again to get excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the "Next Big Thing" from Samsung, in a press event made to cradle the device right in its New York City embrace. This is one of a long line of "Word Tour" events for the Galaxy Note II, recently confirmed for several carriers here in the USA. This event will take place on the 24th of October and will very likely contain additional details on the final release of this device across the states.

What we're seeing here is not a whole lot new other than what's essentially a confirmation that the device won't be changing much as it crosses the ocean to hit the USA. You've still got the S-Pen and the massive 5.5-inch display, you're still working with that lovely new nature-inspired body and software, and you still have the Pebble Blue color option. For those of you looking to get a glimpse of the Galaxy Note II before it hits our shores, don't miss our Samsung Galaxy Note II in-depth Review.

What we're likely going to see here is a lovely presentation of what each different carrier here in the USA will be bringing to the device as far as apps go – though it's likely that the presentation that'll be made will cover the features we know about, for the most part, that exist on each different carrier iteration of the device. This massive beast works to integrate the Samsung universe with a body that's extremely similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III, a device that'll likely be getting another partner later this week on the 12th with the Galaxy S III Mini.

The Galaxy Note II takes what the first Galaxy Note had and increases its excellence with a slightly larger display an a more universally compatible pixel aspect ratio at 1280 x 720. You'll be having just as fun a time fitting this device into your pocket with its massive body and a slightly modified S-Pen as well. Those of you familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will recognize this new pen's configuration as it's essentially the same model as that device brought forth. Get pumped up!