Galaxy Note 9 price may kill the release

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price and release dates appear to be here in a set of leaks just this morning. The device will apparently cost at least as much as the iPhone X at launch, and that phone got its fair share of public skewering due to the same factor. What's stopping Samsung from jacking up the price of the smartphone even higher each year into the future? It might be time to check one's self before one wrecks one's self.

According to Roland Quandt on WinFuture, sources suggest the price of the Galaxy Note 9 will exceed 1000 Euro – on the low end. Directly converted based on conversion rates right this minute, that's more than $1,150 USD. Generally the conversion for this sort of thing goes a bit differently so we'll shave off the $150 and call it an even $1k.

Quandt suggested that the most expensive version of the Galaxy Note 9 will likely cost closer to 1300 Euro. That's for the version of the Galaxy Note 9 that'll include 512GB of internal storage. The least of these is the 128GB version, a replacement for previous years in which the device came with 64GB internal storage.

This is a far cry from the current prices of the Galaxy Note 8. You'll see what the Galaxy Note 8 details brought on back in August of 2017 in full if you wish. But for us here and now, the version with 128GB's price will do just fine: A cool $900 USD. That's a prepaid price, not MSRP with a payment plan.

Can the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 afford the appearance of a price bump? Especially with the device appearing to come with a body that's so extremely close to that of the Galaxy Note 8, who's to say? In reality, it's likely a mere $100 won't break the bank of anyone looking to invest in a new smartphone. But with several hundred dollars in the mix, they might end up looking to the Galaxy Note 8 for a new purchase, waiting a year before they upgrade once more. That's just good business.