Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specs leak: Primed for summer, made for fall

Chris Burns - May 18, 2020, 10:27 am CDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specs leak: Primed for summer, made for fall

If the Galaxy Note 20 release date were earlier than last year, and the year before that, the company COULD take advantage of the most important summer season in recent memory. After months of quarantine and an utterly unique end-of-school period, Samsung could take advantage of this period of positivity – summer, sun, and an appearance of re-release to semi-normal life – to their advantage. But Samsung does not appear to be doing that – not at the moment, anyway.

Instead, we’ve seen leaks of the Galaxy Note 20 that are very, very similar to what we’ve seen in the past. A bit about a newly large display, a leak about two devices, a note about how these devices might have a better set of cameras… the basics. The Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20+ will more than likely be a story not unlike the Galaxy Note 10.

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Instead of taking a major chance at making something new with the Galaxy Note 20 lineup, Samsung’s most likely course of action will be to set a continued baseline with the S Pen devices, then go wild with the Galaxy Fold 2. The Galaxy Fold 1 was exceedingly expensive and sold (presumably) well, for how limited its release was – now it’s time to ramp up.

The latest rumor on the Galaxy Note 20 suggests it’ll get a 108MP camera sensor, not unlike that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. That’d certainly be a jump over the 12MP, 12MP, 64MP setup of the Galaxy S20, but not unexpected. Samsung generally takes what’s most impressive about the Galaxy S series for the year, then kicks said specs up a notch for the Galaxy Note, then kicks the Note specs up a notch for the next Galaxy S, and so on.

But the Galaxy Fold 2… therein lies the rub. There, the Galaxy Fold 2 rumors suggest we’re getting a very forward-looking machine. The shape of the Galaxy Fold 1 and its book-shape portrait-style folding display form factor lends itself to the inclusion of an S Pen. Imagine a Galaxy Note that’s larger than the otherwise most massive Galaxy Note, with the ability to fold down smaller than the smallest – in one dimension, at least.

We’re still expecting this all to launch in August of 2020. The Galaxy Note 20 release date will likely be in late August or early September, 2020. We’re expecting the Galaxy Fold 2 reveal and release to closely follow the Galaxy Note 20 – they might even pop up at the same time!

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