Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 nixed from pre-orders [UPDATED]

This year we've seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 not once, not twice, but three times (and more) in the wild at trade shows leading up to this moment: when the device actually goes on sale. What we were told earlier today was that at least one if not two or more major online retailers would be launching a pre-order page for this device. What we're seeing now is that not only were these links up, they've been pulled as well.

This can only mean one of two things. One: that a site like Amazon – who often enough does have links that are posted in error then taken down later on – was once again caught with its pants down attempting to sell the tablet before it was supposed to be listed. The second possibility is that Samsung actually meant to release availability of the device today and decided at the last minute to pull it. We're guessing it's the former.

UPDATE: A Samsung spokesperson has just sent confirmation that the listing was, indeed, a mistake, and that what was listed wasn't even entirely accurate – have a look:

"The Note 10.1 is NOT available for pre-order, and in fact

we have not yet announced final details, timing or pricing for this

product. The information Amazon published is also not entirely


Samsung does appreciate all the interest and excitement about this

upcoming offering and we will have more details to share soon." – Samsung

Also it's important to note that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has been changed several times since it was first released, and we do not know what it will be like in the end: stay tuned!

Have a peek at our Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Hands-on and be sure to let us know if you'll be picking this beast up when it actually is released later this year. Also be sure to have a look at our timeline below to see how far the Galaxy Note 10.1 has come between the original Galaxy Note and here when the Note 10.1 has an S-Pen slot and a dual-core processor to be envied by all!