Samsung (Galaxy) Nexus Prime leaked in Best Buy ad, on sale 11/27?

Well then, readers, take a good, close look at this. It appears to be that we have an end-of-the-month Best Buy catalog leaked with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, um, scratch that, the Samsung Nexus Prime? Wow, what on earth is going on? Seems like Verizon may have made some eleventh-hour changes on the rebranding whiteboard with the Galaxy Nexus, with what looks like a Verizon-exclusive name. And from this point on, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus may very well be officially christened the Nexus Prime.

Now that you've seen the leaked Best Buy catalog photo, zoom in on the first line and it says in black and white fine print (thank you Best Buy for making us squint even more than we have to), "prices good for all best buy mobile stores from 11/27/11 to 12/25/11". Readers, could it be true? Will you be in line starting next week for the newly redubbed Nexus Prime? What other phones are you putting off buying for the Nexus Prime? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you haven't seen our exclusive SlashGear review of the Galaxy Nexus (um, correction, Nexus Prime) just released hours ago from our own SG editor Vincent Nguyen, be sure to check it out, as he says that "Galaxy Nexus is one of the finest devices on the market today." and the "best Android phone around today". From what we've seen, it's one heck of a smartphone. And now it has an even sexier name and potential release date.

[via Reddit]