Samsung Galaxy Nexus official Google Unboxing gets its own Ninja game

When a new Nexus device is released by Google and whatever manufacturer Google has teamed up with, Samsung in this case, they also release a Ninja Unboxing video — this time they've gone another step further, releasing a full 8-bit pixelated video game to go with it. The Ninja Unboxing series has gone on now for over a year, each of the three videos available for the watching here and now as well. This newest unboxing features both a video and a game to go with it, one where you're the Ninja in charge of accessing the box containing the Galaxy Nexus, equipped with no less than Nexus Power to aid you in your quest!

Head up and down the screen to access your opponents, kicking and screaming as you beat them down one by one. As you do so, know that Google is inviting you into the Galaxy Nexus for a good time, even though the Ninjas aren't necessarily included in the actual device. Have a peek at the video collection here before you do so:

Then you'll be able to head to the Android Market to get the game, it being titled nothing less epic than Clash of The Nexus Ninjas and developed by Monsieur Monsieur Boivin. Punch and kick to the future and get that Nexus as fast as you can! Then head to the collection of Galaxy Nexus stories and hands-on posts we've got here in the timeline as well: