Samsung Galaxy gets hands-on preview, camera test

Chris Davies - May 28, 2009
Samsung Galaxy gets hands-on preview, camera test

Your eyes do not deceive you: it’s another hand and another live shot of the Samsung Galaxy I7500, also known as the next big Android cellphone to hit the market.  This time around it’s phoneArena doing the gripping honors, having scored a pre-release handset, and as with most of the other hands-on reports we’ve seen it’s the 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen that really wows.

Video demo of the Samsung Galaxy after the cut

The Galaxy runs Android OS 1.5 Cupcake, so their experience with the software is little different to our own review of the HTC Magic.  What really differentiates those two keyboard-free devices is the Samsung’s 5-megapixel camera; there’s good news and bad, as the higher pixel count does add up to a clearer photo than from the Magic (you can see sample Magic shots here) but the Galaxy lacks any of the high-end tweakability Samsung have been loading onto their other cameraphones.

In the end, phoneArena worry that the AMOLED display and better camera might not be enough to differentiate between the Samsung Galaxy and the HTC Magic, especially since the latter will have had a couple of months on the market by the time the Galaxy launches in Europe come June.  Our own feeling is that with the number of Android devices being so low, buyers are less concerned with extreme differences between handsets, and that the Samsung will see plenty of buyers.


[via Android Community]

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