Samsung Galaxy Folder may return flip phone to fashionability with Android

With the Samsung Galaxy Folder, a smartphone from this worldwide manufacturer will single-handedly bring back the fashionability of physical QWERTY keyboards. At least that's what the tip is from Korea along manufacturing lines where the smartphone is said to be being built. There it's rumored that large amounts of reports of "discomfort" have been rolling in on the backs of their massively successful touchscreen-only device lines – and it may be time to create yet another Galaxy handset.

The Samsung Galaxy Folder is said to be coming with a 4.2-inch display with mid-tier display resolution. This machine will have a flip-screen allowing it to work with a full QWERTY keyboard in place of a traditional flip-phone's 9-digit keypad, and the whole handset line will be prepped for full data support and 4G LTE right out of the gate. This is different from most traditional flip-phones as the form factor all but died out at the dawn of the smartphone.

ABOVE: Samsung's dual-screen W2013 flip-phone designed for Jackie Chan, straight from Android Community and released back near the end of 2012.

This tip comes from DDaily where the publication reports the device to be appearing as soon as the 16th of August internationally. While it's unclear when – or if – the smartphone will be hitting the USA on stateside carrier bands. This publication also suggests Samsung has reached out to them with a statement which suggests the August release and LTE support incoming.

"Galaxy Folder will be released in August with LTE support." – (translated) Samsung via DDaily

With the Samsung Galaxy Folder there's a question of how the vast majority of touchscreen-only Android apps will function. While most smartphones today employ Android with on-screen keyboards, Samsung will have to retro-fit apps – or ask developers to do so – so that this machine's unique makeup can be handled with style.

This device will likely be launched in a variety of colors to appeal to those consumers hoping to keep up with Samsung's higher-cost range of smartphones and tablets. If the Samsung Galaxy S 4 can come in Aurora Red, so can the Galaxy Folder.

VIA: Blog of Mobile