Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Z Flip rumor round-up

Today we're taking a peek at the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Fold 3 and all the iterations of the bunch that'll likely launch in the year 2021. The first major change is one similar to that of several other device line changes over the past year from a variety of brands – that of the number skip. In order for the Fold and Flip lines to include the same number name scheme, they'll change the Galaxy Z Flip 5G's name to Galaxy Z Flip 2, so that the Z Flip in the year 2021 can be called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

2021 Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have a bit of a decrease in screen size VS the 2 from 2020. Instead of a 7.59-inch (unfolded) display, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have a 7.55-inch display. The cover display on the Z Fold 2 is 6.23-inches diagonally, the Z Fold 3 has a display that's 6.21-inches diagonally.

The biggest change in the device is the inclusion of an S Pen. This would be the first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to include an S Pen stylus, and it would SEEM that the device will have the S Pen contained within, not unlike the Galaxy Note line in the past.

2021 Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Flip line splits into two (or more) devices. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will allow the masses to have the top-tier option and a slightly more affordable option. There may also be a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Ultra, but there does not appear to be any clues pointing toward a different display size.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will have a 6.7-inch (unfolded) display – just a bit bigger than the Galaxy Z Flip 5G (renamed Galaxy Z Flip 2). This device will have LTPO OLED technology as well as 120Hz image refresh rate.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Lite is still a BIT of a mystery, but it might feel a LOT like the non-Lite version, save the 120Hz and LTPO tech.

Release Dates

It's very difficult to tell when Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lines in the year 2021. This is definitely a year of change, with the S Pen stylus expanding to a wider variety of devices and Samsung expanding the number of devices that have foldable displays.

If Samsung sticks to their schedule from the year 2020, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be revealed in early August 2021, with a release date in late August 2021. The Galaxy Z Flip was released in February of 2020, then the 5G version (with an inevitable name change to Z Flip 2) was released in August of 2020 – we might very well see the whole lot with release dates in the first quarter of 2021.