Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 vs Galaxy Camera 2013: evolution battle

Chris Burns - Jan 2, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 vs Galaxy Camera 2013: evolution battle

We’ll be seeing Samsung’s second generation Galaxy Camera soon, and very soon. The company has revealed this week that the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 will be appearing at CES 2014 next week – until then, we’ll be able to give you a full rundown of this machine’s specifications. Blink and you might miss the changes inside, but this device’s outward appearance certainly brings a start to the setup.

What you’ll be working with here is the same 16.3 megapixel 1/2.3 BSI CMOS image sensor as in the original Galaxy Camera. You’ll also have the same 21x Optical Zoom Lens, 23mm Wide Angle, F2.8(W) ~ 5.9(T). You’ll even have a display that’s essentially identical to the original Galaxy Camera with 4.8-inches of HD Super Clear Touch LCD.

So what’s different?


Inside you’ll have 8GB of internal storage instead of 4GB, though you’ll only have “user memory approximately 2.8GB” according to Samsung. There’s still a microSD card slot for an upgrade by 64GB, of course, and you’re getting double the RAM of the original with 2GB.


The processor has been given a significant boost as well, with a current-gen quad-core processor clocked in at 1.6GHz each core (last year’s had a quad-core Exynos 4412 SoC). This processor is almost certainly the same as delivered in last year’s Samsung GALAXY NX, that being the Exynos 4412 “Prime”, but we’re awaiting confirmation on this from Samsung itself.

You’ve now got the addition of NFC, a battery that’s now 2000mAh rather than 1650mAh, and the device will be delivered with Samsung’s version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This camera being part of the current generation of Samsung devices also means you’ve got a whole new set of photo-taking abilities which you’ll be able to have a longer look at in our initial “Galaxy Camera 2 official” article.

To have a peek at this device up close, you’ll want to keep it tuned to SlashGear’s CES 2014 tag portal. While the official CES 2014 event series begins on the 7th, there’s a distinct possibility that we’ll see this machine with hands-on action sooner!

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